Saturday, August 30, 2008

the wind beneath my wings

I'm trying to make this blog less cheesy and girly but AHH I just love my cat so much. One time she disappeared for 10 days and it was the worst. Isn't she handsome? Reckon I could get her cloned so her legacy can live on forever?

Am I wasting my best years by being home on saturday nights, messing around on photo booth with my cat and posting weird blogs that nobody will ever read?

answer: not at all.

i am crying in the deli isle

I've been dreaming of the perfect part time job, one where I can come and go as I please and the people are great and the pay is amazing etc. In some ways, this dream has come true, I have a job where I can pretty much name my hours and the pay isn't all that bad. But, there is one issue. About 90% of my co-workers are GODAWFUL. The other day I went into the ~cafeteria~ to get some water, it was 8AM and one of my babelicious co-workers was sitting there, looking sad, singing along to alanis morrisette on the radio. It was possibly the most amazing moment of my life, also, totally surreal. I just had to draw it!

She is so much more beautiful in real life, the drawing just doesn't do her justice. Also, I feel sorry for anybody reading this because you will never get to hear her beautiful singing voice! woah, maybe i should record it? it sure is something, someday, somebody will make a lot of money from this ~songstress~