Wednesday, August 12, 2009

corey feldman

kind of like walking in the rain wearing a tracksuit and a big unflattering coat heading towards hagley park and you have a spliff in your pocket and you are listening to you ipod and this song comes on and it says "i was my parents vision" and you think to myself, "what would my parents think?" so you just change the song to something a bit more fitting to your unhealthy lifestyle: the streets. you figure that no matter how trashy and gross your life gets, just put on some mike skinner and you'll feel classy in comparison. you can feel classy even if you are sitting on a park bench wearing a tracksuit and a big unflattering coat smoking a spliff and just watching the traffic because it is "buzzy" and you feel too slothlike to move.

i think my hair got really wet that day regardless of the fact i had a hood/hat. it got worse, when i got home i ate a bowl of cereal and genuinely enjoyed the movie stepbrothers.

~a day in the lyfe~