Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tissues all over the floor, talcum power in my hair, oh my god where am I?

WOW where have I been? Well, nowhere, of course. jesus, when do I ever go away anyway? This entry is already completely redundant and shitty. Guess I just need a more ~positive~ attitude. Okay. I will list all the POSITIVE things in my life right now. Of course, I wouldn't be the complete negative nancy I am without qucky following all the positivity with some NEGATIVITY.

  • semester 2
    • this semester i am not waking up every morning thinking OH GOD because i actually made some good choices this semester. no more phonology and way more ebonics makes getting out of bed in the morning so much easier.
  • aloe vera juice
    • What a special drink, I don't really drive to university ever anymore but yesterday i did and i was driving down blenheim road and remembered how amazing aloe vera juice is and so i just kinda swerved across 3 lanes really fast to get to the korean supermarket for MY FIX. Honestly, this time last year my friend was like "oh wanna try aloe vera juice?" and I was all, "are you fucking insane? aloe vera? in a drink?" but then I tried it and it was incredible, like grape hubba bubba only better.
Why can I only thing of 3 positive things in my life? I am thinking too much about the negative. Well, I am not going to mention all the negative because I actually can't think of anything thats worth listing that won't make me out to be a horrible, horrible person. Maybe next time!

I don't know why but I am really into movies which feature characters going to Harvard. Lately I have branched off into real life and today watched a lecturer at university whom is all ~harvard grad~ down a bottle of coke really fast. It killed the mystique pretty fast, I will never watch good will hunting ever again.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the dreamiest dreamcatcher

i haven't drawn anything in ages, so i thought, hell, lets just draw an amazing dreamcatcher. so, yeah, i did. i think i have a very promising future in the dream catcher designing industry, there is a HUGE demand. trust me.

i am really into the L word lately. i don't know why though, honestly guyz i'm not a closet dyke or anything. i think the main reason i watch it is to experience the greatness that is pam grier. woah. seriously. she doesn't play a lesbian on the show but chooses to hang out with this close group of gayz and tranz because she is cool with that. she gets real tired of all their cheating, mass menstrual cycles BS though and that provides 100% entertainment! she calls all her sistahs "babygirl" and it is sooooo amazing.

this is a terrible entry, i will finish now but not without trying to redeem myself by posting this marvel;

wouldn't it be just like, the mostest incrediblest amazingest place to live? well, it wouldn't be luxury but who needs that when you would have such a good view of what yr neighbors are up to. it would be just the phattest pad ever.