Wednesday, December 17, 2008

pros and cons, too many cons

I've read over this blog and I've looked at all my old posts where I would drop super subtle hints over the one thing that I wanted the most. Now all of that is gone (forever) and well, I guess I should be glad because it was a bit GR8 GATSBY~ esque. I guess all I can do now is just cry in Antonios (probably the most meaningful thing I have done all year) and listen to Graceland. Wow, what an album. Paul Simon totally "gets it".

"And she said losing love, is like a window in your heart, everybody sees you're blown apart, everybody sees the wind blow"

Yeah um, am I getting too serious for this blog? This whole situation is something a cute photobooth picture with my cat can't fix. Lets face it, i always just threw that shit in my blog to distract myself from getting 2REAL.

Although it is really sweet and cute :(

Wish I could just go rowing with Daniel Rossen every morning. Not even worry about lifejackets because love would keep us afloat or something.

I wonder what him and his girlfriend talk about when they hit the lake. Paul Simon covers? Being young, Jewish and beautiful? I bet they have total deep and meaningfuls but still take time to have a little laugh and playfully touch each others arms. Romantic.

I wonder if you will ever read this? Wonder how many times you'll cringe