Sunday, November 9, 2008

a day in the life of a total mess

Did a lot today. By a lot I actually mean not very much at all but there was plenty of magic, let me assure of that.

First of all, I just stared up at the sky for a bit and tried to make shapes out of them but none of it really turned out except for this cloud that sorta looks like a mature tamagotchi. You know, when you get it to the stage where its having kids and eating a whole lot (until you leave it under your car seat and forget about it then wonder what happened and get really depressed because you know its starving)

What else did I do? Well, i wore this ridiculous outfit and didn't straighten my hair, so pretty much, I have been the hottest babe in Woolston all day.

Can't believe I'm even leaking that shit to the internet :/

Anyway, my dad bought me this real sweet bike. It's a pretty serious bike so I went for this really serious bike ride (I wasn't serious enough to wear full lycra though, probably would have made things heaps easier though). So I just rode and rode for ages. Here is the route that I took!

Eventually I ended up in this total grey area and there were signs pointing to really safe suburbs like Bromley and Aranui. It was confusing and it seemed like I was pretty much in the middle of nowhere:

That creepy red bus wasn't helping at all either, not at all okay. In the end I just took the high road to Bromley. Now that it is summer I should probably get a summer job, is this sign a sign?

Would I be painting ol' "we'll make her seaworthy again" rusty?

Yeah thats right i was totes taking a photo from behind a chainlink fence. I kinda felt like Belle in recent episodes of Home and Away, uncovering conspiracies and shit. What kind of conspiracies could go down at a humble boat painting business in Bromley? Poorly flushing boat toilets? (OH WAIT THAT HAPPENS ON ALL BOATS, SO AWKWARD) Fixing up holes in hulls with playdough and gib board? Salt in petrol tanks? Faulty GPS navigation systems? I could totes go undercover at this place and become a hero when I foil all their devious hijinks. I would be a maritime hero.

Or perhaps I could just sit at home and admire the colour combination of my sheets and duvet?

Pretty damn beautiful and magic and amazing right?

Totally comforting too.

Finally, also really really need to delete people off facebook who post this kind of shit:

What a ~sisters are doing it for themselves~ type of sister.