Wednesday, December 17, 2008

pros and cons, too many cons

I've read over this blog and I've looked at all my old posts where I would drop super subtle hints over the one thing that I wanted the most. Now all of that is gone (forever) and well, I guess I should be glad because it was a bit GR8 GATSBY~ esque. I guess all I can do now is just cry in Antonios (probably the most meaningful thing I have done all year) and listen to Graceland. Wow, what an album. Paul Simon totally "gets it".

"And she said losing love, is like a window in your heart, everybody sees you're blown apart, everybody sees the wind blow"

Yeah um, am I getting too serious for this blog? This whole situation is something a cute photobooth picture with my cat can't fix. Lets face it, i always just threw that shit in my blog to distract myself from getting 2REAL.

Although it is really sweet and cute :(

Wish I could just go rowing with Daniel Rossen every morning. Not even worry about lifejackets because love would keep us afloat or something.

I wonder what him and his girlfriend talk about when they hit the lake. Paul Simon covers? Being young, Jewish and beautiful? I bet they have total deep and meaningfuls but still take time to have a little laugh and playfully touch each others arms. Romantic.

I wonder if you will ever read this? Wonder how many times you'll cringe

Sunday, November 9, 2008

a day in the life of a total mess

Did a lot today. By a lot I actually mean not very much at all but there was plenty of magic, let me assure of that.

First of all, I just stared up at the sky for a bit and tried to make shapes out of them but none of it really turned out except for this cloud that sorta looks like a mature tamagotchi. You know, when you get it to the stage where its having kids and eating a whole lot (until you leave it under your car seat and forget about it then wonder what happened and get really depressed because you know its starving)

What else did I do? Well, i wore this ridiculous outfit and didn't straighten my hair, so pretty much, I have been the hottest babe in Woolston all day.

Can't believe I'm even leaking that shit to the internet :/

Anyway, my dad bought me this real sweet bike. It's a pretty serious bike so I went for this really serious bike ride (I wasn't serious enough to wear full lycra though, probably would have made things heaps easier though). So I just rode and rode for ages. Here is the route that I took!

Eventually I ended up in this total grey area and there were signs pointing to really safe suburbs like Bromley and Aranui. It was confusing and it seemed like I was pretty much in the middle of nowhere:

That creepy red bus wasn't helping at all either, not at all okay. In the end I just took the high road to Bromley. Now that it is summer I should probably get a summer job, is this sign a sign?

Would I be painting ol' "we'll make her seaworthy again" rusty?

Yeah thats right i was totes taking a photo from behind a chainlink fence. I kinda felt like Belle in recent episodes of Home and Away, uncovering conspiracies and shit. What kind of conspiracies could go down at a humble boat painting business in Bromley? Poorly flushing boat toilets? (OH WAIT THAT HAPPENS ON ALL BOATS, SO AWKWARD) Fixing up holes in hulls with playdough and gib board? Salt in petrol tanks? Faulty GPS navigation systems? I could totes go undercover at this place and become a hero when I foil all their devious hijinks. I would be a maritime hero.

Or perhaps I could just sit at home and admire the colour combination of my sheets and duvet?

Pretty damn beautiful and magic and amazing right?

Totally comforting too.

Finally, also really really need to delete people off facebook who post this kind of shit:

What a ~sisters are doing it for themselves~ type of sister.

Monday, October 13, 2008

eating whalemeat - delicious?

Eskil: [says thank-you to the waitress in dutch]
Margaret: “I don’t think I can eat this”
Eskil: “try it, come on, just one tiny little bite okay. Do it for me”
Margaret: “Why would I? I’ve only known you for a few hours”
Eskil: “feels like a lifetime”

How romantic. Could I properly pull off writing a romance film script involving whalemeat and a horrific plane crash?

Should I be more of a car skank? I gave it a go and it is quite easy

holla at me for a cruize sometime.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008



I thought by wearing a green american appy hoody it would help me describe the green light in the great gatsby real deep BUT SO FAR this has not sufficed. Hopefully the marker writes on my essay; "you are my green light, beautiful in that american apparel hoody but your essay has no substance!"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm pretty sure I just had the worst day


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

worlds away, drowning in a volcano

I think that will be the first and last postcard I'll ever get from Greenland. So, it is pretty special. A postcard from France = still pretty special but not as special as one from the Arctic Circle, sprinkled with all that icy magic.

This is the book dreams are made of. I mean, sure, I haven't actually read it yet, but with a cover like that it has got to be amazing, right? Maybe I'll read it when that hadron collider thing gets fired back up. Then the magic will truly begin.

Monday, September 22, 2008

feather fever

Today I:

  • Had an earl grey but didn't let the teabag "soak" for long enough, so it wasn't really that great
  • Forgot to say thank-you, now I can't stop thinking about it
  • Started to like linguistics again
  • Got awkward
  • Took a homemade riceball for lunch but it wasn't really good and i threw it out. Heartbreaking.
  • Wished I was MULTILINGUAL (omg i had monolingual here for days, i am such a fool), or at least bi-lingual
  • Missed somebody, even though I kind of hate her
  • Acted creepy, twice
  • Sat in my car and tried to think of ways to better myself but I don't know where to start
  • Thought about ringing up my nana, but I am so bad at talking on the phone
  • Got jealous, really jealous
  • Listened to some girls talking, I thought they were talking about whether they favored McCain or Obama but they were actually discussing their favorite ice cream flavors.
  • Realized that writing blog entries isn't really that therapeutic. Help? :(

Saturday, September 20, 2008

another saturday night with my cat/still have a little bit of hope

Is this my life? I just watched a really bad, non Garden State, Zach Braff movie. I have kind of lost the will to live after seeing Zach Braff ~getting some action~. OH MY GOD NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN :(:(

Am i retarded for putting cryptic messages in my blogs? what would you do? Not be so cryptic? Stop watching Zach Braff movies? Wear more pairs of jandals bought from the ezibuy spring 1999 catalog?

Friday, September 19, 2008

kewt times in the ghetto

Should I try and make the most of living in one of the worst suburbs in Christchurch? Sure, some say it is a lost cause, some politicians get caught labeling it "shit country" but sheesh, there has got to be something good about it, right?

Could it be the stunning, Italian villa esque architecture? Sometimes I feel like I am holidaying in Tuscany! Why spend millions on an Italian villa when you can get your own slice of paradise right here in Woolston for under $200,000. Ridiculously undervalued, don't you think?

Could it be the amazing cars cruising the streets? Statistics tell us that Woolston is home to low house prices and very low household incomes. You wouldn't know from these photos would you? People take such pride in their state of the art, fresh off the lot vehicles, have you ever seen 2 cars in such excellent condition? The owners were just that concerned about the welfare of their vehicles that they parked them up on the footpath. That's the kind of attitude that THRIVES in this community!

Could it be the hot babes and bitches? (OH ~~OOPZ~~ HOW DID THAT GET IN THERE ;)

Could it be the thriving local art scene? A lot of graffiti can be seen as defacing, disgusting and generally really bring down the quality of a neighborhood. However, this clever little "tag" is creative, innovative and makes you respect the "artist" as a truly gifted master of their craft. If only we could decipher this mysterious MC character, perhaps M.C. stands for "mr crafty"? "mr cool"? "more (to) come"?? Oh i hope so!

Could it be the crystal clear, fresh waters of the Heathcote river? This beautiful, clean river is a serene piece of local beauty. When the weather is cold, people gather on the banks to paint watercolour pictures of the local wildlife that thrives in such an enviroment. In the summer, locals strip off thier clothes and take a dip, children rush down to the banks at the crack of dawn with thier lilos and canoes. People in Woolston save a lot of money in summer, nobody has to waste money on petrol driving to the beach, why would you need to when the cool, fresh waters of the heathcote river is merely seconds away!



Love, Simone

Saturday, August 30, 2008

the wind beneath my wings

I'm trying to make this blog less cheesy and girly but AHH I just love my cat so much. One time she disappeared for 10 days and it was the worst. Isn't she handsome? Reckon I could get her cloned so her legacy can live on forever?

Am I wasting my best years by being home on saturday nights, messing around on photo booth with my cat and posting weird blogs that nobody will ever read?

answer: not at all.

i am crying in the deli isle

I've been dreaming of the perfect part time job, one where I can come and go as I please and the people are great and the pay is amazing etc. In some ways, this dream has come true, I have a job where I can pretty much name my hours and the pay isn't all that bad. But, there is one issue. About 90% of my co-workers are GODAWFUL. The other day I went into the ~cafeteria~ to get some water, it was 8AM and one of my babelicious co-workers was sitting there, looking sad, singing along to alanis morrisette on the radio. It was possibly the most amazing moment of my life, also, totally surreal. I just had to draw it!

She is so much more beautiful in real life, the drawing just doesn't do her justice. Also, I feel sorry for anybody reading this because you will never get to hear her beautiful singing voice! woah, maybe i should record it? it sure is something, someday, somebody will make a lot of money from this ~songstress~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tissues all over the floor, talcum power in my hair, oh my god where am I?

WOW where have I been? Well, nowhere, of course. jesus, when do I ever go away anyway? This entry is already completely redundant and shitty. Guess I just need a more ~positive~ attitude. Okay. I will list all the POSITIVE things in my life right now. Of course, I wouldn't be the complete negative nancy I am without qucky following all the positivity with some NEGATIVITY.

  • semester 2
    • this semester i am not waking up every morning thinking OH GOD because i actually made some good choices this semester. no more phonology and way more ebonics makes getting out of bed in the morning so much easier.
  • aloe vera juice
    • What a special drink, I don't really drive to university ever anymore but yesterday i did and i was driving down blenheim road and remembered how amazing aloe vera juice is and so i just kinda swerved across 3 lanes really fast to get to the korean supermarket for MY FIX. Honestly, this time last year my friend was like "oh wanna try aloe vera juice?" and I was all, "are you fucking insane? aloe vera? in a drink?" but then I tried it and it was incredible, like grape hubba bubba only better.
Why can I only thing of 3 positive things in my life? I am thinking too much about the negative. Well, I am not going to mention all the negative because I actually can't think of anything thats worth listing that won't make me out to be a horrible, horrible person. Maybe next time!

I don't know why but I am really into movies which feature characters going to Harvard. Lately I have branched off into real life and today watched a lecturer at university whom is all ~harvard grad~ down a bottle of coke really fast. It killed the mystique pretty fast, I will never watch good will hunting ever again.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the dreamiest dreamcatcher

i haven't drawn anything in ages, so i thought, hell, lets just draw an amazing dreamcatcher. so, yeah, i did. i think i have a very promising future in the dream catcher designing industry, there is a HUGE demand. trust me.

i am really into the L word lately. i don't know why though, honestly guyz i'm not a closet dyke or anything. i think the main reason i watch it is to experience the greatness that is pam grier. woah. seriously. she doesn't play a lesbian on the show but chooses to hang out with this close group of gayz and tranz because she is cool with that. she gets real tired of all their cheating, mass menstrual cycles BS though and that provides 100% entertainment! she calls all her sistahs "babygirl" and it is sooooo amazing.

this is a terrible entry, i will finish now but not without trying to redeem myself by posting this marvel;

wouldn't it be just like, the mostest incrediblest amazingest place to live? well, it wouldn't be luxury but who needs that when you would have such a good view of what yr neighbors are up to. it would be just the phattest pad ever.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

siete canciones para te

"List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre,whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your Spring. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to."

WHAT A HUGE CALL. alright.

cranes - abe vigoda

When i first heard this song, I was really unsure about it and it just didn't sound right. But i kept listening to it and it grew on me. boy oh boy did it grow alright. grew faster than bamboo! no but seriously, this song is amazing and i listen to it a lot.

cosmic sing a long - cryptacize

one time i was listening to this song when i was trying to find a carpark and it stopped me from going crazy because i really hate trying to find a place to park my shitty car. if i was in shooters and this song came on i would be all over the podiums, omgz/.,./

films - fabio

where do you start? the lyrics? the bad stock music? fabios smooth voice lulling you into a sense of oh my god i am going to crash the car this is so amazing? what i wouldn't give to have been that bird that flew into his face, oh my god it would astound you.

daytona beach - half japanese

wish i was actually half japanese, look at that diva to your left, isn't she amazing? oh my god, and her jacket? i want to be like that when i am in my 50's, however, the lack of oriental blood will hinder this realz significantly. oh yeah and um, this track is SLAMMING.

i made you nervous (in 1995) - lucky dragons

in 1995, i was 7 years old and a boy in my class was so excited about it being 1995 that he painted "1995" on an icecream container. it made me nervous.

freedom (evolution dub) - world court

GAWD i wish this band would release more than 3 songs; AH MAZE ING. this song reminds me of this day when i decided to drop out of fashion school and i just felt like a whole new person so i downloaded a whole lot of music and this song was one of them. great soundtrack for dropping out and thus wasting thousands of dollars and hours and hours of hours.

eraser - no age

this song is a king among men. the whole album is real good. go check your thighs in a mirror, and, I'M DONE. (this is directed at saleisha from ANTM through the mouth of um, what is her name? oh my god she is amazing, i hate saleisha, what a gross ho)

OKAY i really hope those download links actually work. even though it doesn't matter at all because sheesh, lets face it, is anybody reading this? okay so this whole "tag 7 of your friends", well, i am not so sure about that, i am just tagging anybody who is reading this.





Monday, June 23, 2008

aching head of sigh

i am sighing so much all over the place right now. i don't think i have ever sighed so much in my life. i have my ~espanol~ exam tomorrow and i am not looking forward to it at all; mainly because i haven't studied AT ALL, unless, well, you count watching the breakfast club with spanish subtitles studying, well, then, yeah. i guess i have studied a little bit. oh well, my ~psychic vibez~ are telling me EVERYTHING will be OKAY.

oh god i hope those psychic vibez are right. this is all just making me sigh even more. like my turban? i bought it through the magic of the internet and wow it was just that MAGIC that it arrived within days. maybe i should wear it to the exam tomorrow because it just has so many amazing vibes which could NEVER, EVER be HARSHED on. wish i could stop talking about vibes, i mean seriously. what?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

over your gate and lets plant peach tree


oh my god. here are my ~transformations~;

they are all pretty self explanatory and i guess a little predictable, but i didn't see the next one coming that's for sure;


my oh my, who knew i would be such a devilishly handsome man? should i get a sex change? i am so confused right now.

today was a bad day but i drowned my naive and uninformed sorrows into a mcdonalds sundae and then everything was okay. i haven't drawn any pictures in ages because i don't know what to draw, why is life so tough! i am sighing all over the place.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

in which i dream that a dream comes true

i found a roll of film in my car so i got it developed. 70% of the photos were unfocused/blurry/crap but the photos that did turn out were gems! they also opened up some old wounds, that ginger cat, well, he got run over and died. so heartbreaking because as you can see, he was so pretty :(

ALRIGHT so i have not been keeping up with this whole "picture a day" thing. you would think i would have some amazing excuse, unless you count sitting around watching tv and reading a good excuse, then yeah, i guess i have a good excuse. ANYWAY so i managed to drive 5 hours each way on my own to picton. it wasn't really that bad at all and obviously i didn't crash. although you never know with some people, once on livejournal this girl updated her journal from hospital after nearly dying in a housefire. HOWEVER i think she was lying though, i mean, seriously, who is that retarded. the drive real pretty intense and i was surpised at how much fuel i used, barely any! oh peak oil STOP TEASING ME ;);)

ENOUGH of that, last night daniel rossen came to me in a dream and it was DREAMY. he wore a strange furry white bearsuit. i wore NOTHING BUT A TOWEL because, um, i lost all my clothes in a swimming pool. it was awkward. does this count as creepy fan art? oh my god IT DOES.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

you are a babe

hello! i am having a lot of problems with being really lazy lately. i don't know what to do, is it normal to be this lazy? how lazy, you ask? oh god i don't know but i have never felt so lazy in my entire life. this doesn't work well with trying to keep up with university work, OH GOD IT DOES NOT AT ALL. anyway here is a picture i drew, it's is not finished, never will get finished and it's not from a personal experience or anything (obviously). somehow plucked from my DRY AS A BONE imagination.


where is this blog going? i have no idea. tomorrow i am driving by myself for 4 hours, it could either be amazing or awful. awful to the possibility of crashing the car and DYING IN A BLAZE OF GLORY. i don't know what would be glorious about it through. i am staying with some of mi familia at this batch which has the fruitiest description;

"Only 30 minutes by sealed road from Picton, this welcoming 4 bedoom home is set in a stunning, private 3/4 acre garden of large lawns and fruit trees with spectacular views of Anakiwa Bay - yet just a two minute (timed!) walk to the water’s edge.

Deck chairs and hammocks offer full relaxation, while cricket, petanque and badminton allow for some garden action - or take the kayaks down to the water’s edge. Afterwards, pick lemons for your drinks, fresh herbs for the barbecue and eat at the 10-seater outdoor table on the deck.

Inside, the spacious, recently renovated open plan area has a kitchen with all the gadgets, two living areas, log burner, Ikea furniture, large selection of books and games, CD player, TV and DVD. Upstairs, the third living area and main bedroom have views of the Queen Charlotte Sound and hills beyond.

The beach by the jetty is ideal for safe swimming and kayaking and the magnificent Queen Charlotte Track, perfect for short walks, long tramps or mountain biking, starts here. Children can bike along the flat waterfront with its wide grass verges and fish from the jetty. Boats can be launched by the jetty at appropriate tide times. Other activities in the local area include sailing, fishing, bird watching, glow worms, eco tours, craft trails, visits to the Marlborough vineyards or exploring Nelson just an hour and a quarter away. Local store and petrol station just 5 mins away. Ideal for one or two families or for adult getaways (WHAT!!!). Stay at any time of the year and fall in love with this amazing place."

so hopefully i make it all the way there, i'm sure the desire for ikea furniture and picking lemons for my drink will keep me focused! maybe i could go for a wee kayak or something, oh the options are endless!

Monday, June 2, 2008


sometimes i wish i had a terminal illness so i could muster up the courage to do this, actually i would think of something more "oh la la" and um, compelling? to say. I REALLY WANT TO HIT SEND but the thought of never getting a reply and seeing that whole status in my outbox of "read" and not "replied" KILLS ME INSIDE.

i have no drawing for today, but tomorrow i might have two. my ambition for this blog is to draw a picture everyday which reflects something funny, gross or nice that happened that day until june 2009. this won't last though as i am pretty damn sluggish.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

chanting and chanting until my face falls off

this morning i was having a really good morning in which i was sitting around in my dressing gown and watching heaps of seinfeld and eating lots of bacon and trying to not feel gross after drinking too much last night and yeah it was all going pretty well. unfortunately some of my gross family showed up to see my mum and i got all ANGST about it and it totally killed my sweet vibe. however, i guess i like to make the most of gross situations, so i drew this picture of my 17 year old cousin:

ugg boots, bag of chips and packet of cigarettes is all dis sista needs. and who could blame her?

last night i saw some pretty trashy stuff. i had a lot of fun though, i mean, as far as being at parties where guys piss themselves and almost getting blinded by so many strobelights goes.

Friday, May 30, 2008


today i went for a walk and i met 3 different cats. 2 of them were pretty average cats, but the last one was the greatest cat ever. he had one ear and he meowed a lot and liked it when i scratched under his chin.
i wish i could have taken a photo of him, instead i drew a saucy picture of him with some added accessories. SO STYLISH FOREVER. god I WOULD TOTALLY KILL for a rainbow feathered neckpiece, i would treasure it much more than an illustrated cat ever would.

this blog is almost completely pointless and it has a very small audience. maybe i should link it from my facebook profile but i don't know. life is so complicated.

9/11 conspiracy theories are the best of their kind. i mean really, a separate 737 came out of one of the 767's before crashing into one of the towers and it was filled with napalm and it was all set up by al gore who was in hiding in austria at the time?!? apparently all news reporters know about it but are keeping it a secret. WHAT A CONSPIRACY INDEED

i don't know where this is all going but i am going to update this blog often. very often. at least everyday until june 1st 2009.