Friday, May 30, 2008


today i went for a walk and i met 3 different cats. 2 of them were pretty average cats, but the last one was the greatest cat ever. he had one ear and he meowed a lot and liked it when i scratched under his chin.
i wish i could have taken a photo of him, instead i drew a saucy picture of him with some added accessories. SO STYLISH FOREVER. god I WOULD TOTALLY KILL for a rainbow feathered neckpiece, i would treasure it much more than an illustrated cat ever would.

this blog is almost completely pointless and it has a very small audience. maybe i should link it from my facebook profile but i don't know. life is so complicated.

9/11 conspiracy theories are the best of their kind. i mean really, a separate 737 came out of one of the 767's before crashing into one of the towers and it was filled with napalm and it was all set up by al gore who was in hiding in austria at the time?!? apparently all news reporters know about it but are keeping it a secret. WHAT A CONSPIRACY INDEED

i don't know where this is all going but i am going to update this blog often. very often. at least everyday until june 1st 2009.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

~~ NOT MUY BIEN/hourhourhoruhourrrsssss

THIS is the NINTH entry i have tried to make but i can't think of anything. TODAY i WOKE UP at 6:30AM and it was HELL because i had gone to bed BEFOREHAND at 2AM. it was a really intense sleep though, REALLY.

i don't KNOW why i GOT UP at 6:30AM because i didn't even end up leaving the house until 9:45AM. WHAT the HELL did i do for 3 hours, i CERTAINLY did NOT sleep that IS for sure. anyway so i WENT and PRINTED this awful, boring, un-insightful, unoriginal ESSAY off and it was HELL. honestly it was so lacking in anything GOOD that i was TALKING about BLOGGER.

enough caps

i got this amazing jearsy and honestly, it weighs about 5kg with all that added ~~dazzle~. THIS is GOING nowhereE