Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm pretty sure I just had the worst day


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

worlds away, drowning in a volcano

I think that will be the first and last postcard I'll ever get from Greenland. So, it is pretty special. A postcard from France = still pretty special but not as special as one from the Arctic Circle, sprinkled with all that icy magic.

This is the book dreams are made of. I mean, sure, I haven't actually read it yet, but with a cover like that it has got to be amazing, right? Maybe I'll read it when that hadron collider thing gets fired back up. Then the magic will truly begin.

Monday, September 22, 2008

feather fever

Today I:

  • Had an earl grey but didn't let the teabag "soak" for long enough, so it wasn't really that great
  • Forgot to say thank-you, now I can't stop thinking about it
  • Started to like linguistics again
  • Got awkward
  • Took a homemade riceball for lunch but it wasn't really good and i threw it out. Heartbreaking.
  • Wished I was MULTILINGUAL (omg i had monolingual here for days, i am such a fool), or at least bi-lingual
  • Missed somebody, even though I kind of hate her
  • Acted creepy, twice
  • Sat in my car and tried to think of ways to better myself but I don't know where to start
  • Thought about ringing up my nana, but I am so bad at talking on the phone
  • Got jealous, really jealous
  • Listened to some girls talking, I thought they were talking about whether they favored McCain or Obama but they were actually discussing their favorite ice cream flavors.
  • Realized that writing blog entries isn't really that therapeutic. Help? :(

Saturday, September 20, 2008

another saturday night with my cat/still have a little bit of hope

Is this my life? I just watched a really bad, non Garden State, Zach Braff movie. I have kind of lost the will to live after seeing Zach Braff ~getting some action~. OH MY GOD NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN :(:(

Am i retarded for putting cryptic messages in my blogs? what would you do? Not be so cryptic? Stop watching Zach Braff movies? Wear more pairs of jandals bought from the ezibuy spring 1999 catalog?

Friday, September 19, 2008

kewt times in the ghetto

Should I try and make the most of living in one of the worst suburbs in Christchurch? Sure, some say it is a lost cause, some politicians get caught labeling it "shit country" but sheesh, there has got to be something good about it, right?

Could it be the stunning, Italian villa esque architecture? Sometimes I feel like I am holidaying in Tuscany! Why spend millions on an Italian villa when you can get your own slice of paradise right here in Woolston for under $200,000. Ridiculously undervalued, don't you think?

Could it be the amazing cars cruising the streets? Statistics tell us that Woolston is home to low house prices and very low household incomes. You wouldn't know from these photos would you? People take such pride in their state of the art, fresh off the lot vehicles, have you ever seen 2 cars in such excellent condition? The owners were just that concerned about the welfare of their vehicles that they parked them up on the footpath. That's the kind of attitude that THRIVES in this community!

Could it be the hot babes and bitches? (OH ~~OOPZ~~ HOW DID THAT GET IN THERE ;)

Could it be the thriving local art scene? A lot of graffiti can be seen as defacing, disgusting and generally really bring down the quality of a neighborhood. However, this clever little "tag" is creative, innovative and makes you respect the "artist" as a truly gifted master of their craft. If only we could decipher this mysterious MC character, perhaps M.C. stands for "mr crafty"? "mr cool"? "more (to) come"?? Oh i hope so!

Could it be the crystal clear, fresh waters of the Heathcote river? This beautiful, clean river is a serene piece of local beauty. When the weather is cold, people gather on the banks to paint watercolour pictures of the local wildlife that thrives in such an enviroment. In the summer, locals strip off thier clothes and take a dip, children rush down to the banks at the crack of dawn with thier lilos and canoes. People in Woolston save a lot of money in summer, nobody has to waste money on petrol driving to the beach, why would you need to when the cool, fresh waters of the heathcote river is merely seconds away!



Love, Simone