Thursday, May 14, 2009

wait til i get my hands on you

Have you ever made a doctors appointment even though you don't actually have anything you need to tell the doctor? I think I just did that and I don't think I'll have anything to tell her tomorrow at 12:15 except maybe "don't make me get a pap smear you don't have to worry trust me it's fine"
FUN FACT: My doctors last name is Gordon and she was born on the 21st of may too.

I guess I could say that things are a bit stressful at the moment. This whole year so far has been pretty average to say the least APART FROM leaving home and living in a nice house with nice gurlz and that's probably what is keeping me from having a complete mental breakdown. I've been way too sheltered in terms of ~the heart~ for too long and now trying to pick up the pieces/whateveridktryingtoredefinemyselfwithoutyou it's still really difficult and it's been 6 months so maybe I should just have like 5 new boyfriends because maybe I'm like you and need to be sleeping with somebody to be happy but you know what.

It's fine.

I'm okay.

Because sure I go to bed most nights feeling slightly miserable but as I'm going to sleep I think of how tomorrow is a new day and hey, you never know what could happen. You might just wear the ugliest outfit ever and just sit on your laptop in various campus cafes for hours eating citrus slices that taste like they have foam rubber mats as a substitute for citrus but, hey. It's okay. It always is.


anja said...

hey girl this entry made me sad :(
tell me what can i do
what can i do to make you happy

Joseph Ernest said...

I always feel like a little boy when I read proper blog entries on other people's blogs. One day I would like to write a blog entry which is very truthful.

Darian James said...

joe, 'it's horrible to feel even a little bit like a grown up.'

Joseph Ernest said...


Jonathan Phillips said...

oh simone,

sometimes authenticity can be so heart wrenching.

best to think of the good times, like our night at the ruptured duck and how nice everything was in the candle light, and that time we drove to taylors mistake and sat and sand got in the bread and cheese.

micky22 said...

oh, this made my heart ache a little.

samsdumpbox said...

you're a good writer, keep up the good work!

francesrosey said...

Maybe you should come visit the log cabin. It seems to make most people happier... Not that I am making any promises of this.